You can imagine how excited I am for the full funding of Georgia Education for the first time in 33 years. Unlike other states we hear about in the news, Georgia is determined to have a world class education system. I am passionate about the future of our next generation and we all want the best for them.

The other highlights were equally important to our 10.3 million Georgia citizens. Republicans made a campaign promise to cut taxes. This is the first time Georgia taxes will have been cut since 1934 when the tax laws were instituted! The tax rate will change from 6% to 5.5% allowing Georgia tax payers to save nearly 5 billion dollars over the next five years.

Transportation issues were addressed. The Georgia Department of Transportation developed a ten year plan to repair infrastructure, build new roadways, and complete special projects. Gwinnett will have questions on the March ballot about transportation to get your input. Many upcoming projects are listed on their website:

Georgia earned national distinction as best place to do business for five years running. We are experiencing new business and small business creation, expansion by existing businesses and strong relocation growth to create jobs. More Georgians are working today and wages are growing faster than the national average.

Georgians provide​ $3.2 billion annually in healthcare services through Medicaid to one-in-six Georgians. Our state funds another $2 billion for services for the aged and developmentally disabled. We are making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

I carried legislation for the protection of senior citizens who have care-givers in their homes and to allow more seniors to age in place. I also passed legislation to help students with the HOPE Scholarship as well as a bill to further prevent drug abuse in this state, along with other legislation for your benefit. Much of the legislation I author comes from your requests and your ideas. It has been my great honor to serve you.

Please remember that when you help me win this election, I want your children to Page for me. They have to be between the ages of 12 and 18. Students work in the House Chamber for one day as an aid to all House members. They are counted present at school. They even earn $10 for their hard work! They have their pictures taken with me and with the Speaker of the House. Your child will be holding the gavel that begins and ends each day of the Georgia House of Representatives. To be a Page, visit the Georgia House of Representatives home page ( and click on “House Page Program.”